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Wetter in Bad Bramstedt in Bad Bramstedt
Wenn's regnet im Mai ...... ist der April vorbei

Holsteiner Auenland
Sonnenkraftwerk Bad Bramstedt-Auenland
The Country

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Schleswig-Holstein - Land between the Seas

County between the Seas - Schleswig-Holstein
Schleswig-Holstein banner

Schleswig-Holstein, Every season of the year is the perfect season to travel to Schleswig-Holstein. This is the colorful land between the seas. It is north of the river Elbe and south of Scandinavia. It is an interesting combination of culture, nature, natural sports and fresh air.

Emblem of Schleswig-Holstein

It is a holiday spot located directly before the doors of the seaport city of Hamburg. It is ideal for sailing and watersports. And don’t forget, there is always beaches or seaside points of interest at your disposal.

Schleswig-Holstein for people on the go
Whether by foot, bicycle, rent-a-car or on horseback, your activities will be adventurous and fun filled. There are many exciting ways to enjoy your self here in God’s country. You will experience poetry in motion as you follow the paths that lead you through one exciting adventure after the other. Explore the inland or take a step back into history as you wander along the Ochsenweg, a historic path of cattle trade. It will take you from the quaint greens of the Danish border to the beautiful blue waters of the Elbe. You will also have the option of horseback riding or bicycling.

Living for the City?
Then you would certainly want to take a trip to Lübeck. It would be a trip back to the middle ages. If your fancy is shopping, then you would definitely not want to miss a visit to the Kiel (a shoppers delight). Schleswig-Holstein consist of many towns, big and small. There are many interesting Boutiques and shops. You will experience the essence of german culture and cuisine as you stroll around this historic and scenic area.

And another point of interest: Haus Waldblick in Bad Bramstedt in direct in the center of Schleswig-Holstein (the land between the seas) you will be centrally located, so you will have at your availability many different sight seeing possibilities. The Nature Parks Aukrug and Westensee as well as the superb landscape Holsteinische Schweiz are all within a 40 kilometer radius. – The international port city of Hamburg, as well as Kiel and Lübeck are circa 40 to 60 kilometers away. You can reach the North Sea and Baltic Sea within an hour by car. If you want to experience a little multi-culture, Denmark and Flensburg are only 100 km by car. If this is your first trip to Germany, hold on to your seat because the German Autobahn is an experience in itself. Remember there is no speed limit!