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Wetter in Bad Bramstedt in Bad Bramstedt
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Holsteiner Auenland
Sonnenkraftwerk Bad Bramstedt-Auenland
Leisure Tips

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Kayaks and canoes on brook Osterau

The enchanting countryside of Bad Bramstedt invites you to enjoy your days canoeing or kayaking. You will experience the magic of the birds and the bees.

fon: 04192 - 85347 / 819496

Kanu Gantzer
fon: 04192 - 3405

Wildlife Park Eekholt

Storkes in Eekholt

One of the great pleasures tourists enjoy is getting away from it all and relaxing in the beautiful Wildpark Eekholt. It is approximately 67 ha of enchanting forest area including the tranquil Osterau river. You will discover as many as 105 different forms of animal life as you glide along the many different scenic paths. Share in the interest for the finding and preservation of the injured Storks. If you timing is right, you may stand witness to the miracle of birth as the mother stork hatches her eggs giving life to the new. It is also interesting to see how she feeds her young ones. You will also hear the music in the trees from the many bird types. If you stay long enough you can experience the show of the Falconer with various birds of prey. If you are in Bad Bramstedt with your romantic other, a walk through Eekholt park will immerse you in relaxing tranquillity.

Wildpark Eekholt
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Airfield Hartenholm ”Fly me to the Moon”

Skydiving as tandem

Skydiving! If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, get out of the vehicle. ...During the warm seasons, you can book a sightseeing tour at the nearby airfield. This way you can see the beautiful country side from the perspective of the birds. One-of-a-kind adventure is to try skydiving. It´s fantastic, you will never forget. All you need to bring with is a good bill of health, a lot of courage and 180 Euro. Everything else will be provided. This will be an adventure of a lifetime. There are courses available for beginners. If you are a land lover, you can also enjoy the experience of seeing others diving and parachuting. It is not everyday that you can witness man in the air with the birds..

Albatros Skyworld
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Karl-May-Games in Bad Segeberg

Karl-May-Spiele 2012 90x122

Were you ever in the middle of an Indian attack?
You can experience that and much more at the Karl May Performances in Bad Segeberg. There is never a dull moment. Enjoy the monumental view over the 91 meter high lime mountain as your imagination take you back to the year 1870 when the west was young. Experience it all in one of the most beautiful out door theaters in Europe.

Karl-May-Spiele Bad Segeberg
Tel.: 01805 - 95 21 11

Historical Ochsenweg (Oxen Trail) ”One Moment In Time ”

Cycle along the historical Ochsenweg and meet with history and nature. Walk the path of the Vikings of the middle ages in this historical landmark. From Flensburg to Wedel or vice versa, you will wrap your self in history as you wander along these wonderful paths. It will be your historical ”One Moment in Time”. Nowadays this old historical trading trail from Denmark to the river Elbe is an ideal route for cyclists and nature lovers. Around 10 per cent of these ancient tracks are preserved in Schleswig-Holstein and provide a cycle route away from the main roads. So the Oxen Trail is a great possibility to explore the magnificent countryside through which it passes. Near by Rendsburg the route splits into the west and east route meeting up outside Uetersen.

Schleswig-Holstein Binnenland Tourismus
Tel.: 0 46 38 / 2 10 88 80

Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal is the most travelled water way in the world and it runs through the magnificent country side of Schleswig-Holsteins. A maritime experience right in the inland.

Touristische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, Rendsburg
Tel.: 0 43 31 / 2 33 69

 Aukrug Nature Park

The Aukrug Nature Park is more than a work of art, more than an awesome view, it is a pleasure ground for all who come to experience the natural paradise. The nature park Aukrug lies in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein. It is a diverse landscape with 380 square kilometers of enchanting green forest, meadow and agricultural areas. Although many of it’s natural lakes were lost, laid flat or turned into bogs during the ice age, it is still remembered as one of the more enchanting parks in the east Holstein hills.

The diverse landscape offers the visitor diverse experiences with nature. Buried deep within the natural forests, one finds bubbling streams, raw oaks and ponds. The partly hilly but also flat region in the midlands has always been easy to enjoy, offering easy cycling even for untrained cyclists. Forget

your daily troubles and let nature take its course. A popular excursion is the magnificent 77.5 meter high ‘Boxberg. Here you can enjoy a breath taking view over the recreational forests of the nature park ‘Aukrug’.

Westensee Nature Park

This is a beautiful 250 km² nature park with a landscape that was stamped by the last ice age with lakes, meadows and sand banks. It fascinates the observer with its varied cultural landscape. It is located in the triangle area of Kiel, Rendsburg und Bordesholm. Lake ´Westensee´ is alone the main attraction in this marverlous region of Schleswig-Holstein

Relax beside the many lakes, canals and bank along side the many animals and rare plants that can be discovered on the sultry harbor. There are many adventures awaiting you including bicycle tours, hiking, riding, sun bathing, jogging and much more. The most delightful nooks and crannies on charming paths can be discovered. A picnic is also available on request.

The ‘not so adventurous’ can sit relax in a

restaurant and sip on a well deserved cup of German coffee as you wile away the hours in the Nature Park Westensee.

Oskar Alexander Kurbahn


Die Oskar Alexander Kurbahn ist eine schmalspurige Wirtschaftsbahn die im Rahmen des TALI-Projektes (Technik, Arbeit, Landschaft, Industriekultur) als umweltfreundliches Transportmittel in Hamannssumpf vielseitig genutzt wird. Unter anderen finden auch an bestimmten Tagen im Jahr Fahrten mit interessiertem Publikum statt. An den Fahrtagen ist es jedermann möglich, uns und unser Heilmoor kennen zu lernen! !

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